Yoga and Acroyoga


It is a traditional discipline that seeks the spiritual, physical and mental union originated in India.

Yoga heals, cares for and strengthens the body, mind and spirit through the practice of asanas, breathing and meditation.


Yoga has several schools, the fundamental ones: raya yoga, jnana yoga and karma yoga, and the non-fundamental ones: hatha yoga, bhakti, ashtanga vinyasa yoga, kriyā yoga and kundalini yoga.


The followers of the different doctrines of India maintain that the different paths lead to the same end…



A discipline that fusionne yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage, for flying higher.

For me there are no words that describe what acroyoga is. I think it is an experience that must be lived in and with the body, with your ownself and with others. An adventure to awaken the senses, connect mind and body, open the possibility of recognizing ourselves in our pure being and re-encountering others through a sensory exchange.

The word AcroYoga comes from the greek root akros = high and the Sanskrit word Yoga = union. Together they form AcroYoga – High union. It is a dicipline that mix yoga, acrobatichs and thai masssage.

The highest aim is to bring inidividuals into a state of union with themselves, with each other, and with the comunity. From this place of mutual support the true self can be realized, celebrated and share for the benefit of all.

The benefitis of the practice

Haragati proposes a new way of doing yoga and acroyoga, to make the practice a little more easy and fluid, finding the own rhythm and movement.

Without forgetting its aim and putting as a foundation, the breath. A space to reconnect with one's own being, the body and concentrate the mind.

Exploring different breathing techniques, meditation, strength and stretching postures

Yoga (Adults)

Ecole ViraJe. rte de Chésalles 21B, Marly

Every wednesday

12h10- 13h00

Yoga (Adults)

Rue d’or 9, 1700 fribourg. Galerie gourmande

Every Tuesday

8h00- 9h00

AcroYoga KIDS (4 - 8 years)

Rue du Tilleul 7, 1700 fribourg

Every wednesday

14h30- 15h30

Acro KIDS (4 - 8 years) et parents

Rue d’or 9, 1700 fribourg. Galerie gourmande

Every Friday

14h00- 15h00