The body, creative nature.

Haragati: Vital energy dance and movement

Hara: Vital energy.

The ocean where life begins and ends, where our vital energy is located. Energy concentration camp that is located about 5 cm below the belly button.

Many movement disciplines, work from this energy center. According to the Japanese medical tradition and the martial arts, the hara has a deep meaning on a spiritual level, beyond a simple anatomical area.

Gati: movement / Dance.

In sanskrit, movement, action, act, the way each of us move, dance.

Development of the creative being through the corporal movement.


A trip in the ocean of infinite possibilities, towards your deep being.

Through body movement for creative, therapeutic or artistic purposes.


New sensations of joy and well-being are experienced and discovered.

The movement of vital energy

Non verbal expression



Having fun


Connection with nature



Haragati creates moments for the exploration of different disciplines of movement

 and in their fusion, in order to generate physical, emotional and cognitive changes.

The practices are adapted to the needs of each group or individual.


Haragati experiences