Afro-Colombian dance.

In these classes you will learn some of these dances from a country full of cultural richness.

With African, indigenous and European influence, Colombian people creates their owns rhythms and dance.

These dances are born with the aborigines as worship, offering or sacrifice to some deity. Developed with the African influence of the slaves, who arrived in the conquest history moment. They are also a symbol of mating, flirting and seduction.


Dance as a ritual, as a creative, metaphorical and transforming act.

HaraGati combines the definition of dance and dance movement therapy, to offer a highest perspective.

DANCE: It is an artistic interpretation and a ritual, which is based on the interpretation.

Deploying creativity within the structure that allows the dance to be performed.

It provides awareness of physical capacity and an internal transformation towards the external that requires interpretation.

DANCE MOVEMENT THERAPY: Integrates the emotional, cognitive, psychological-physical and social growth of the individual.

It search for expression from body memory without a structure or prejudice.

It offers the possibility of personality development and a change in self-image, generating internal changes to face reality, from new horizons.

Our inspiration


Dance that simulates a fish that bears the same name being caught by the fishermen's nets, out of the water their movements are compared with the agility and strength of those who dance.


Dance that was born on the Colombian Caribbean coast, is characterized by being a sung dance and was originally transmitted from generation to generation, (although today western methods are applied for its learning). Traditionally it is part of the initiation to puberty, the resistance of the slaves and the celebration of their freedom, currently becoming a festive music. In addition to being a ritual dance, the midwives guided at the time of giving birth and reducing menstrual pain, a dance that begins in the womb.


Dance that requires a cadence of the hip in each step. It was born in the Colombian Caribbean and later spread throughout South America with the rhythm that each country impregnated.

To conclude, the word DANCE is used in its widest expression.

The elements of our inspiration provide a wide range of tools to dance from a holistic and integrating perspective of the artistic and therapeutic.

Dance as an instrument for the transmutation and transformation of emotions, a resource for experimenting and discovering new sensations.


*Therapeutic does not mean psychological or medical therapy. We said  therapeutic because it helps well-being, relaxes, guides and accompanies.

Afro Colombian Dance (adults)

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Afro Colombian Dance (Lausanne)
Live music

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